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Benjamin Franklin Scholarships

Due to the tremendous generosity of our donors, we are offering ten Benjamin Franklin Scholarships this year of between $5,000 and $10,000. More details to come shortly, but funds are limited so please apply soon!


Benjamin Franklin

Portrait by Joseph Duplessis, 1778

Why Ben Franklin?

We named them after Ben because he was a remarkable, self-made man who ran away from his Puritanical home in Boston, created his own printing business which allowed him to retire at 40 and become one of the 18th century’s greatest experimental scientists. Along with that, he was deeply instrumental in the creation of the new American republic. His diplomatic

“The First American”

Charming the French with his fur hat.

missions to France, where he amused the court by wearing coonskin caps and acting the colonial bumpkin, enabled the American Revolutionary government to gain the military and financial support from France that helped turned the tide of the war.

How did he do all this? He was ambitiously self-educated.

  • He undertook a conscious plan of self-improvement,

  • He read the “best which has been thought and said”—the classic works of civilization,

  • He engaged in conversation with ambitious friends to discuss these ideas and much more, honing his reasoning, persuasive, and collaborative skills in the process,

  • He learned about business, personal finance, and the markets,

  • He implemented his ideas in a mind-boggling number of projects, such as the fire department and streetlamps of Philadelphia, the formation of the Post Office, the University of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia public library and hospital—just to name a few; read his Autobiography to learn more. This account of his self-reliant activities became the blueprint for American life throughout the 19th century.

    Do you want to be like Ben and direct your own life, finding achievement and adventure? Our program incorporates all of the elements which made his life a model of success.